Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Logan's Kindergarten Program

My pictures are pretty blurry and not very good, but you get the idea.  I invited Nani and Grandma to come to Logan's Kindergarten Graduation Program.  They sang a couple of songs, and Logan did so good.  It was cute to watch.  Then they introduced each student, and then we went outside to the Kindergarten playground area for refreshments.  Logan received his "Diploma" and a DVD of pictures of the class throughout the year.    Logan is so excited to be in first grade next year.  Hopefully that excitement continues when he is in school all day long.  Good Job Logan!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Today the boys had school and Vance had to work.  I was busy running errands and packing for our family of five.  We left around 6:20 pm.  We arrived at Becky's in Orem, UT around 12:20 am.  It was a good trip, but we were tired.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Today we had fun hanging out with the Williams.  It was so good to see Macy.  She is so cute and a sweetheart.  We brought up the swing from Mom and Dads house, and she loved it.  We went to lunch at "Milagros" (a Mexican Restaurant).  It was so good!  Then after lunch, Becky and I were able to take a quick shopping trip to "Ross" by ourselves with no kids.  Tessa had school today, but the boys had fun playing with Bree and Drew.  Brady was so excited when Tessa got home.  The cousins had fun playing outside riding bikes and scooters.  They even played with the neighbor kids.  The weather is so nice there.  The kids did not want to come inside.

Saturday, May 25, 2013--The Skidmore Reunion



Now for the start of the Skidmore Reunion.  Today we drove up to Paradise, UT where the Skidmore Reunion was being held at a place called Little Bear River Resort.  This place is so beautiful.  It had a main cabin with the kitchen for a gathering place, and then it had small cabins around the property with either 8 bunks or a queen size bed with 4 bunks.  We were in the 8 bunk cabin.  The kids loved the space to run around and play.  They had a cool rope swing and a sand box.  There was a running river along the property.  Thanks to Burke and Germania for bringing up there 4-wheelers and Kayaks.  After we found where we were going to be, we didn't waste any time.  We took turns riding the 4-wheelers, and then we all got ready to go to the Lake to try out the Kayaks.  Logan was so scared to try the Kayaks. Before we even got to Paradise, UT, he kept telling himself that he was NOT going to get in the Kayaks.  Then when we got there and he saw the river, he said he was definitely NOT going to try the Kayaks.  Burke, Germania, and Vance took a couple runs with the Kayaks down the nearby river.  We decided that it would be better to take the kids to the Lake.  We did get Logan to go in the Kayaks, and he loved it.  Sometimes you just need to push Logan a little bit to get him to try new things.  The anticipation just gets to him.  Brady and Clark on the other hand, have no fear.  They think The Faster, The Better!  After having fun at the Lake with the Kayaks, we came back to have dinner.  They had stuff to make our own foil dinners.  The kids were too hungry to wait for the foil dinners to cook, so they opted for the Hot Dogs.  Then we had Cobbler and Ice Cream for dessert.  Despite the wait, it was yummy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013
Last night I told the boys that if they woke up early, we would go to church with Tutu and Papasan in Logan, UT.  They woke up early of course, so hurry and got ready and went to church.  As we got in the car to go, we realized that Grandpa Skidmore forgot his church clothes.  We made it to Tutu and Papasan's house with 5 minutes to spare.  It was fun to see Tutu and Papasan and attend church with them, Nani, Grandpa, and Stacey.  We just went to sacrament meeting, and then I took a shower at Tutu and Papasan's house because Vance said that he had a cold shower this morning.  We tried to make it back for Brunch, but they decided to have breakfast earlier than originally planned.  We ended up finding some left over muffins and fruit for breakfast.  We also did not know that they were going to have a family sacrament meeting there, so we ended up having two sacrament meetings.

That afternoon, they had some fun family games and the kids made paper rockets.  Then the adults and older kids went out shooting the shot guns.  Brady loved to watch them.  He did try shooting the shot gun, but he said that it hurt him a little.  Brady and Logan did get to shoot some BB Guns, and they loved it.  It was a fun relaxing day!

Monday, May 27, 2013
Logan shooting the BB Gun one last time before we head back home to Las Vegas, NV.  We packed our car, cleaned up, and left around 10:00 am.  We dropped Nani and Stacey off at the Salt Lake Airport, and then we went to Whitney's house in South Jordan, UT to pick up a few more things to take back to Las Vegas for Nani and Grandpa Skidmore.  We had to repack our car so that we could fit all the fragile things that we had to bring back.  It was good to see Whitney and family one last time before we headed back to Vegas.  Then we were off around 3:00 pm for our 6 hour drive.  It was a good trip!  It was fun to see family!